Our goals

Our goal with this web site is to SHOW what DogDancing/Freestyle is. You will find lots of explanations about this sport, but, if you have never seen a DogDancing performance, you won't be able to really imagine what it looks like. When I tell people that I dance with my dog, some of them ask me, whether I grab my dog by his paws and twirl with him in our living room. Others think that I'm making fun of them.

That is why I decided to publish as many videos on this web site as possible. On the page "DogDancing routines" you will find all routines that Paco has danced so far. Since we always try to develop a new routine for each competition, there will always be something new on this page. It's worth it, to have a look at it once in a while!

On the page "DogDancing moves" you will find short videos of the moves Paco and Timber have been learning. Since there is a lot of work involved in filming and preparing the videos, we will go on publishing them as they get ready. This means that this part of the web site is also very dynamic and there will always be new videos in it. We hope to encourage some dog owners through these videos to try it with their own dogs. I have also planned to develop short learning videos for each of the moves shown on this page. You will then be able to download these learning videos for a very low fee and try it at home with your own dog.

Online video competition: In the USA there is a web site on which you can participate of video competitions (http://www.worldcaninefreestyle.org ). You can send them a video cassette with your routine and then their judges choose the best routine in the competition. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any videos of the winning teams on their web site. Besides, I find their rules very difficult to fulfill. For example: you need at the very least a 20mX30m ring. That is why I started thinking about organising myself a competition that would be easier for people to take part in.
Now you can take part in our online video competition. Participation costs you nothing and the rules are so easy to fulfill that really everyone can participate. All you need is a digital camcorder and the will to dance a beautiful routine with your dog in front of the camera. We are going to organise such competitions from time to time. At our competitions, the audience (our visitors) decide by vote which routine they liked best. The winning routines will remain on our web site up to the next competition.

Online courses: At the moment, you can already attend an online clicker course for beginners on our web site. The online course is composed of the following: several downloadable videos each with one exercise, a written part and a forum where you can communicate with your course colleagues and ask questions. There will be more online courses as time goes by. Besides, if you like our courses and if you have a web site, you can take part in our partner programm and earn a commission from us.

DVDs of DogDancing competitions: On this page, you can order several DVDs of international competitions, wich have taken place in Germany and in Switzerland. I have produced these DVDs myself with a lot of love and care with the authorization of the competitions' organizers. The quality is excellent and all routines are grouped by class and ordered by the places achieved. So, after you've watched one routine, you can look forward to watching the next one, because you know that it will be even better than the previous one. Paco and I are on some of those DVDs as well and, very soon, you'll be able to watch me dancing with Timber on some of them.

We wish you a lot of fun on our web site and we hope that you will be able to learn something new from us.

With our kindest regards,

Andrea + Paco + Timber.